Unified Arts Subjects

Dodd Middle School offers students a range of opportunities to develop skills in Multimedia Communications, Engineering & Production, Robotics & Programming, Digital Design, Economics, Physical Education, Art, Music, Health, Reading, and World Languages (Spanish, French, German, and Latin).

Students at Dodd Middle School participate in a full range program of the Unified Arts. The seventh grade year is one of exploration, during which students are introduced to the various disciplines so that they have exposure to each. It is as eighth graders that each student selects the courses that they have developed an interest in for a more in-depth study.

The Fine Arts, which includes art and music, help to provide students with a well rounded education. Art is taken by all students in the seventh and eighth grades as a half-year program of study. The music program consists of three electives. Students may choose to participate in band, chorus, and/or orchestra.