Kindergarten Registration Information

Welcome to Cheshire Public Schools - particularly if this is your first experience!  A child’s first year in education is very important and so exciting!  Your child’s first year will be rich in outstanding educational experiences and opportunities for learning in our full day kindergarten program. 

In order to be eligible to register for kindergarten for the 2019-20 school year, your child must be five years old before January 1, 2020 (born on or before January 1, 2015).  The school your child will attend for kindergarten is based on your street address.  If you are unsure which school your child will attend, a complete list of streets and districted schools can be found on the link below. Please note: all Doolittle kindergartners will attend Darcey School.  

Please contact your child’s districted school to schedule an appointment to register your child. 

2019 Kindergarten Registration Checklist


2019 Registration Letter to Parents


Transporation Memorandum - Requests for Use of Available Seats - 2019


Available Seat Petition Form - 2019


Physical Exam Information


School Districts by Street