District-wide Assessments


Otis Lennon School Abilities (OLSAT) Test

In past years, Grade 5 and 7 students participated in Otis-Lennon School Abilities Test (OLSAT) sessions during the fall.  We have discontinued this practice.  Instead, students in Grade 6 will participate.  We have designated October 13 - 17 as the testing window.  The OLSAT measures some of the reasoning skills we associate with school learning. Specifically, the test gauges students’ ability to compare and contrast, sequence, and categorize verbal and non-verbal information.  In addition, students complete analogies and search for patterns and relationships with words, symbols, and pictures. The 72-item multiple-choice test takes approximately 40 minutes to complete. There is no need for students to study for this test; items are similar to the word and number puzzle problems students solve at home and school.

Information from this test will be useful for parents, teachers, and administrators as we plan for differentiated instruction. When we receive the scores and data from the testing company in early winter, parents will receive a copy of their child’s report.  


Pre-Algebra Assessment

In the spring, Grade 6 students participate in a short assessment that measures their readiness for advanced math work in middle school.  Dodd math teachers use data from this assessment, along with students' OLSAT and Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) data, to identify students for Grade 7 advanced math classes.


Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI)

Language Arts teachers in Grades 1-8 administer the Scholastic Reading inventory to each student.  These assessments allow educators to identify the level of text that each child can read indepenently, and the level of text that can be read with teacher support.  Information from this assessment is used to select appropriate text levels for each individual student's independent reading and instruction.