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What role does the district play in the renewal of my certification?

It is the responsibility of the individual teacher to maintain a current teaching certificate. The district is required to keep a copy of the certificate in the teacher's personnel folder. Once a certificate has been renewed the teacher must send a copy to the Office of Curriculum and Instruction attention: Lesley DeAngelo. The CSDE does not forward a copy to the Board of Education.

What is the procedure for renewing my certification?

The quickest and easiest way to apply is from your account on the Connecticut Educator Certification System (CECS).  You can also check the status of existing applications or print a copy of your current certificate.  You can pay certification fees online with a MasterCard or Visa. If you prefer, you may submit a paper application and pay the fee with a certified bank check or money order.  The paper application is NOT required if you apply online.

To renew an initial educator certificate:  ED 183
To continue a professional educator certificate:  ED 179
To advance any certificate or if you are not sure:  ED 170

You should apply to ccntinue your certificate no earlier than six months and no later than six weeks before the date of expiration of your current certificate.

If you have served under your most recent Initial or Provisional certificate, you will need to submit a completed ED126 Statement of Professional Experience verifying your successful service.  At this point in time, all who currently hold a Professional certificate do not need to complete the ED126 for renewal.

What happens next?

Once an online application is submitted for processing the applicant receives an email confirmation. If any additional information or documention is required, you will receive an email outlining the information that is required to complete your application.  A typical renewal takes 30-45 days to process. Paper applications submitted via US mail can take up to 90 days to be processed. All correspondence for paper applications is done through traditional mail.

To apply for your renewal online, download forms, or find out more information click on the link below.

Connecticut State Department of Education
165 Capitol Avenue
Hartford CT 06106