Bring Your Own Device Program

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Students have a unique opportunity to participate in a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program as a student in the Cheshire Public School District.  As a component of this program, students will have the option to use their own personal laptops, tablets, or other electronic devices in class, during the educational process.  Moreover, for students who do not own a latptop computer, tablet, or other electronic device, the school will have a limited number of loaner electronic devices for classroom use.  It will be up to the discretion of the teacher whether or not a student should request the use of a loaner device for the class activity due to the fact that other alternatives may be made available.

All users are expected to use common sense and decency with regard to our computing resources. In addition to having a signed Responsible Use Policy (RUP) through the school, all who use the electronic resources of the classroom (including the internet) and such items as:  Google documents, teacher websites, blogs, etc. will abide by district and school policies.  The District reserves the right to monitor use to assure that the systems are being used responsibly and in compliance with Board policies.

A signed "Responsible Use Policy" and BYOD Program Agreement must be on file with the school administration before access is granted to the Wi-Fi network.  As a learning tool, the Internet can provide a wealth of knowledge within a variety of media.  Cheshire Public Schools will provide Wi-Fi access to Internet based information and electronic resources (such as Google documents), as an integral part of the curriculum.  Behavior and language in the use of these resources should be consistent with classroom standards.  Students and Parents/Guardians must agree to the responsibilities and restrictions outlined in the BYOD Program Agreement which can be found on our BYOD Parent/Student Center by clicking on the link below. 

Please click here to be directed to our BYOD Program Agreement.


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